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Summerwinds Playn For Keeps "Devin"
2nd Major
 Devins 1st point 12-18 month class
Height:                                                     21 inches tall at shoulder
Weight:                                                    65 lbs
Hips/Elbows/Eyes/Heart/Thyroid:      OFA "Good"
                                                                  Eyes Clear
                                                                  Heart/Thyroid "Normal"
Devin is a pleasing, loving, spunky young girl.  She is very friendly with other dogs and seems to show a caring nature with children of all ages.  She is chamillion-like with her ability to adapt her personality to suit the situation at hand.  Devin is fun and energetic and LOVES to chase after tennis balls when thrown for her, but loves to curl up next to you on the couch after a long day.  She shows wonderful expression while using her ears, especially during a free-stack.  Devin is strong in the shoulders and has a wonderful straight topline.   Her movement in the showring is nothing short of graceful when she moves and is always very fluid.  After her first litter, she plans to follow up her championship with taking back to the ring for obedience and agility.



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